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About PortaBrella

PortaBrella® The Portable Beach Umbrella – The world’s only Travel Beach Umbrella. This Folding Beach Umbrella is compact enough to fit inside any suitcase, duffel bag or airline overhead compartment.

The beach is the world’s most popular vacation destination. We’re all looking for the perfect beach – you know the one: warm sand, turquoise waters and a tropical breeze blowing our cares inland. But most of us aren’t lucky enough to live on or near a beach. We have to transport our own gear, or hope that rental equipment is reasonably priced – or even available at all. Spending a day at the beach without shade would ruin the experience. Why not bring your own umbrella, even if you’re flying? The PortaBrella® folding travel beach umbrella solves the age old problem of transporting traditional beach umbrellas on an airplane.

A beach umbrella is essential (yes, your favourite beverage is important too). You could possibly do without a beach table and perhaps even a chair. However, shade is an indispensable need and an umbrella is the simplest, most reliable way to protect yourself from the sun.